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UK: Update on Compliance



As it is our aim to stay fully committed to the UK market and its regulations we have the below requirements that we require you to adhere to: This is due to the announcement of the IGRG Gambling Industry Code for Socially Responsibility 6th Edition October 2020:

Advertisement Disclosure: Wherever Hyper is being promoted in the UK with a tracking link, there must be some form of advertising disclosure in place. The ad disclosure must be clearly visible on each page where Hyper has exposure. We suggest using ‘#Ad’ on our listings if you currently don’t have this in place. This stands for all traffic sources, gambling related or otherwise, whether it be: SEO, PPC, emails, SMS, media or YouTube.

PPC Adverts: 
All PPC ads in the UK must feature the following social responsibility messages in its ad copy on display: ‘18+, Gamble Responsibly’

Responsible Gaming: 
We request that you include responsible gaming content on your sites. This can be in the form of a page solely dedicated to RG (recommended) or a paragraph of RG content featured on all pages throughout your sites. If you are stuck for content to add, please reach out to me as we are more than happy to supply suggestions. An example of RG content can be found below*

YouTube – We will continue to allow videos and streams of Hyper in the UK on this platform. However, all videos must be age gated, so that only verified over 18 accounts can view the content.

Twitch – We no longer allow our brands to be streamed from the UK on the Twitch platform. For clarification, if you are based in the UK and/or your account is in GBP this means you cannot stream from Hyper. We also ask that any banners and links are removed from any such pages as a matter of urgency.

Please note: The above does not supersede any previous guidelines given, rather are in addition to our current UK affiliate guidelines.
As with any such guidelines we request that you, our affiliate make such changes as promptly as possible. If you have any issues doing this in a timely manner, or if you have any questions on the above, please reach out to your affiliate manager.

* "Please play responsibly. The Covid-19 crisis has caused a worldwide disruption to people's income, harmed their mental health, and is creating increased social isolation. These factors contribute to problem gambling.
We recommend for those who play games of chance to use account limits, such as a deposit limit, to ensure that you are playing responsibly and within a budget. Figure out your discretionary income by calculating the money you have left over after taxes and bills / phone / water / food / rent etc. Using your full discretionary income for gambling is not a responsible level, make sure to set only a portion for gambling and leave discretionary funds for other activities. If you find you are having a hard time staying in control, please contact Gamcare for support ( and sign up to the national self exclusion service Gamstop ( If you decide to close your account at one casino, make sure to contact all the casinos where you have an account and close them too."