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VIP club at Turbico Casino


Hurry up! The VIP race starts now!

Have you already informed your visitors about the VIP club at Turbico Casino?
It’s a great chance to do so ;)

The Loyalty Program is designed with the player in mind, and we will bring you multi-tiered rewards that get better with every level you unlock.

The more players play, the more rewards they will earn and graduate through our Loyalty Levels.

There are 7 Tiers in total, and every time players graduate to a new level, they will instantly qualify for bigger and better rewards.

Ready to get started?

Level 1: Trainee (white drop of gasoline)
Level 2: Refueller (yellow drop of gasoline)
Level 3: Mechanic (orange drop of gasoline)
Level 4: Engineer (green drop of gasoline)
Level 5: Test driver (blue drop of gasoline)
Level 6: Second pilot (purple drop of gasoline)
Level 7: First pilot (black drop of gasoline)

Turbico Casino will convert the money players spend on playing into Loyalty Points, and let them improve their experience organically.

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