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VIP Kitten is here 👑


Do you remember the Maneki VIP club?

At Maneki casino, we reward all of our players generously.
As soon as they join they’re added to our Lucky Cat VIP Loyalty Club and they’ll have the chance to work their way up our VIP levels until you reach the ultimate level of reward: Master Samurai Cat.

The more they play the more rewards they’ll earn and they’ll graduate through our Loyalty Levels. There are 7 Tiers in total and every time they graduate to a new level, they'll instantly qualify for bigger, better rewards.

Lucky Cat VIP Loyalty Club Levels:
Level 1: Maneki kitten (white belt)
Level 2: Maneki Aikido kitten (yellow belt)
Level 3: Maneki Judo cat (orange belt)
Level 4: Maneki Kenjutsu cat (green belt)
Level 5: Maneki ninja cat (blue belt)
Level 6: Maneki Sumo cat (purple belt)
Level 7: Ultimate Master Samurai Cat (black belt)

But did you know that it’s not only about Lucky Cat VIP Loyalty Club Levels?
Surprise! Maneki VIP players also have an opportunity to enjoy VIP promotions.
For example, now we are running Private VIP Tournament, and only VIP players who received an exclusive invitation will be able to compete in the tournament.

So rush to inform your players about Maneki VIP Club, so they can join and get an exciting gambling experience!
Not promoting Maneki yet? Not a problem!
Simply sign up with our program - and we will contact you soon!

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