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AffiliateRush has been super busy in 2019


MANEKI has finally arrived!

It is with great excitement that we present to you our new addition to the family:
the lucky charm and beckoning cat, MANEKI Casino

Why - you may ask – well we simply put, we love what we do 😊

All brands run independently allowing you, our partners – the affiliate – a maximum chance at earning. The performance of one brand will not affect that of the other.

Why choose us?
With 2 brands: NightRush and Maneki, which all have different licensing - it really does open a lot of markets from which you can drive your traffic and profit!
Target markets for Maneki casino:
Netherlands, Switzerland, Japan, Canada, New Zealand, Denmark, Poland, Germany, Austria, Finland.

For the sustainability of your earnings and our business we look to build long term relationships with our partners

Are you interested in the best deal conditions?

Get in touch with us and let this lucky charm of a casino assist in profiting from your marketing efforts.
Lifetime Revenue Share with no NCO!
Let's shake hands and get started!

[email protected]